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We are a ARLA-accredited online letting agent allowing landlords to let out their properties securely over the internet at a much cheaper price than any other agent.

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Cyber-age security 

We speak to a security specialist, to find out what estate agents should be doing to keep their business secure in this day and age.

Technology has changed our lives for the better. But, as with everything, we have to take the rough with the smooth, and It has also exposed us to a whole new work of security risks.

Focusing only on your technology could in itself - put your business at risk.

If you only focus on your IT, you won't achieve the security level that you want," he said. "We need to stop using the word 'cybercrime' as it gives an incorrect perception. When we use that, people think the threat is only from a spotty teenager in their bedroom on a laptop.

There are three elements that anyone needs to consider to protect their business. One is the information that you need to protect. Two is the technology. And three is people.



Although many estate agents don't have a lot of capital in the bank, their client may do. With estate agencies holding a lot of Information about their clients - names, addresses, passports and utility bills -It's crucial to keep such data secure. If you don't, your agency could be complicit in the theft of money from somebody else's bank account. There are only a handful of agencies that offer this facility, with being one that stores all personal information using powerful encryption techniques.



“Estate agents do need to look at technology," says our security specialist. "And it's not just their office equipment, as people are often encouraged to use their own mobile devices at work. That opens up vulnerability in the system, so you need to put other precautions in place such as regular vulnerability assessments." 



Your people can hugely effect security in your business. All it takes to create a problem is one failure by someone to do something that they're supposed to (such as lock a screen), or one failure to do something that they're not supposed to (such as open an email containing a virus on their company PC).

"Staff awareness and understanding of cybercrime can make the difference." says our security specialist.


Property Professional Magazine Issue 25 - November/December 2017

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