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We are a ARLA-accredited online letting agent allowing landlords to let out their properties securely over the internet at a much cheaper price than any other agent.

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Professional Floorplans

To allow tenants to visualise the rooms and layout of your property, a professionally produced floorplan can help them provide this.
Rightmove have indicated that having a floorplan is essential to enticing the best tenants and can attract up to 52% more enquiries.

Three easy steps to order your professional floorplans

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1. Place order

You place the order at the time of registering your property or as an add-on.

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2. Specify availability

While placing the order, you would have been asked to indicate preferred availability slots. The floorplan artist will then confirm the time slots that suit both of you. An accurate floorplan will be produced after taking the measurements while the visit your property.

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3. Floorplans ready

As soon as the artist sends the floorplan images to us, we’ll upload them to your listing and it’ll go live on Rightmove and Zoopla immediately. It normally takes about three days for the whole process to complete.

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