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We are a ARLA-accredited online letting agent allowing landlords to let out their properties securely over the internet at a much cheaper price than any other agent.

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What we do?
Who we are?

How different are we to high-street Letting Agents?

Before online letting agents come on the scene, taking on a high street letting agent was really the only option landlords had in order to successfully market and let their properties. It was considered to be money well spent by landlords, despite the considerable costs involved in using their services.

However, the role of high street letting agent has been significantly reduced as it is estimated that about 96% of perspective tenants use the internet to search for properties. It is mind-blowing how letting agents are still able to charge premium fees for their services, even though their role has dramatically been reduced in terms of trying to marry-up perspective tenants with properties.

Having transformed the way many landlords look at renting, online letting agents represent one of the fastest growing and best in terms of value within the UK property sector. It is cost effective, simpler in terms of process and gives power back to the Landlord. 


Choosing to Let Your Property

There are a number features provide by KingRoyal which exceed any services offered by either online or high-street letting agents:

Best value for the services being provided

There are a number of online agents who claim to advertise for free or at a much lower price but there is always a catch to such claims. We advise you to compare our services and then decide what is important to you in terms of services and keeping you data secure.

Maintain advert details through your own portal access.

Even when the advert has gone live on all the Portals, you can still edit your advert at any time, even when it is being reviewed by us.  

All personal data is secured using 246-bit encryption technology

No site is safe from possible hacking or cyber-crime. All your personal data is saved using highly secure encryption algorithms, keeping it safe from any potential hackers. Technology only found in banking solutions.

Online portal management Access.

Your own access to an integrated portfolio management solution which can provide up-to-the-minute information on tenant find activities, Calendar entries for viewing availability or trade visits and a lot more. 

Free ARLA approved Tenancy agreement.

As part of the package, you will be able to download an ARLA-accredited tenancy agreement (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) for your tenancy.

Some More Features

Included are a number of other unique and important feature of 

Personal Data Safe

All personal data is secured using 246-bit encryption from online hackers. No other online estate agency offers this service for a number of reasons:

  • Our solution is designed and developed by TOGAF qualified software engineers
  • Large amount of effect (and funds) are required to design and implement such solutions. You will normally only find such security features within banking solutions.
  • Our designers have deep knowledge of implementing similar solutions for a number of banking institutions.
  • Our solution was designed from the ground up rather than taking something that already existed and try to make it more secure. This would have been an impossible task as other agents are finding out.

Potential Tenants

Unlike other agents, we do not force potential tenants to register with for simply requesting a viewing.

A recent study highlighted that by forcing people to register on websites, can discourage them from using a service all together or them entering false information. We still capture the important information in order to make sure the viewing requests before forwarding it on to the Landlord.  The information will also be encrypted for their own piece mind.

Online portal management Access

Your personal online portal access to an integrated portfolio management solution which can provide you with up-to-the-minute information and provide:

  • Check on tenant find activities
  • Calendar entries for viewing availability or trade visits
  • Details on orders processed and download of VAT invoices
  • Information on viewings that have been requested and details with possible feedback received from the ones which have occurred
  • Propose tenants for your properties. This will automatically prompt a request for them to provide information required for reference checks and the tenancy agreement.
  • Options to re-advertise or add extra properties to your portfolio.
  • Purchase add-on’s for any of the properties within your portfolio.
  • Make modifications to existing adverts including prices and images.

Pay for Services you want

We can arrange for professional photography, floor plans, Gas Certifications, inventory reports and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. Choose the service you require at the time of registering your property or as an add-on anytime afterwards.

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